DevMeetings: workshops for passionate software developers.

Offered in Pay What You Want model.

DevMeeting is a full day (8h) programming workshop, usually organized on a saturday, with 20-30 participants and 2-4 mentors.

Upcoming workshops


April - June 2015


Europe: Wroclaw / Poland, Berlin / Germany
USA: Seattle, New York City, Boston

AngularJS for Web Developers

Learn to build Single Page Apps using AngularJS

BackboneJS + Marionette

Get rid of callback spaghetti and bring order to your JavaScript applications.

Responsive Web Design

Learn advanced CSS and Responsive Web Design techniques to make your website look perfect on every device.

JavaScript for Programmers

Learn and master the core principles of JavaScript: functional and dynamic programming, prototype based inheritance.

Impressions from past DevMeetings

Contact: info (at) devmeetings (dot) org